About Me

about me

I live in California. Spoiled rotten with almost year round sunshine, yummy foods, and avocados!
I have a degree in Biochemistry from UC Davis (Go Aggies!) with tad bits of Winemaking, Food Science, Nutrition, and Chinese
My daytime occupation is in a wine lab playing mad scientist. 

I have a love/hate relationship with running.
I look for opportunities to hike, bike, and take random strolls.
Nature is peaceful but sometimes quiet forests freak me out because I have a wild imagination
I take pictures of almost everything, filter it later
I’m a sucker for all things Disney… and you can never have enough Disney mugs despite what anyone might say! …ahem
I buy more books than I can read and when I do dive into a good book, I do it the traditional way, paper pages and all
I enjoy learning about all sorts of things
I’m one of those weirdos that will straighten out an entire shelf of cereal boxes at the grocery store because I am that OCD.
Animals are adorable
I love a good deal because being cheap is in my DNA
When it comes to food, I believe in trying it before dissing it, unless its hazardous to your healthin which case, bad!
I cry like a baby when I hear stories of great achievements thru perseverance
I’m a science nerd at heart and I like to be technical with the right resources and significant data/research to prove any given point. 
Honesty is big in my book. The truth isn’t always fuzzy bunnies but I find that people who are brave enough to tell you the truth are usually the ones worth keeping around

Obviously I’m obsessed with all things food. All in all, I’m just your average weirdo who likes to eat, drink, and be merry so here’s my blog and I hope you enjoy!

about the blog

food|| recipes, restaurant/foodie festival adventures, kitchen equipment and techniques, interesting reads and more
wine & beer || tasting notes and learning
exploration|| Tips, thoughts, experiences, and what nots.
lifestyle –ish || another excuse to talk about more random things in life. Sometimes I can’t seem to ever stay focus on one thing – Card making, knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, photography, cooking, baking, sewing, cake decorating, gardening, list goes on – I want to try it all (at least once…)!

be respectful & disclaimers

Please respect the contents of this blog and do not spam
Please give credit where credit is due, if you’d like to share, please credit accordingly whether it be me or something I’ve credited.
Please leave respectful comments, thoughts, or suggestions (or corrections, no one is perfect)
All opinions are of my own. 

References, affiliations, and collaborations will be noted below or as they arise:
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