Monday, April 27, 2015

2013 Alamos Malbec

Alamos Malbec
Mendoza, Argentina
The Wine of Catena

Price $15-20
Vintage 2013
Alcohol  13.6%
Clarity clear
Intensity dark 
Color purple/ruby
Nose  yogurt (malolactic?),plum, vanilla (after airation: plum, jammy dark fruit)
Palate cherry, blueberry, black pepper
Personal rating  7 out of 10

Saturday, April 25, 2015

2009 Roquete, Domaine La Chateauneuf du Pape

Roquete, Domaine La Chateauneuf du Pape
Southern Rhone, France
70% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 10% Mourvedre  

Price $30-40
Vintage  2009
Alcohol  14.5%
Clarity hazy, contains sediment
Intensity medium  
Color garnet
Nose  clean, pronounced, oak, red fruits
Palate  rose, plum/cherry, high tannin, low acid, medium/full body, medium finish
Personal rating  8 out of 10

Additional comments: Need some aging, has great potential if you're willing to wait a few more years for the tannins to mellow out. Bought this label in particular because I had a 2003 not too long ago and it was amazing! With an untrained palate like mine it was delicious, if you can find 2003 so worth it! Of course, 2009 has some good attributes too. Would definitely try again but maybe in a few years

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2013 Fetzer Gewurztraminer

Fetzer Gewurztraminer
Monterey County, Central Coast, CA

Price $5-8
Vintage  2013
Alcohol  12.0%
Color clear pale lemon
Nose  floral, fruity, almost Mostcato-like
Palate  peaches, very light, sweet wine
Personal rating  5 out of 10

Additional comments: If you like a sweet (and I mean sweet!) fruity wine to have with a meal, here it is! Skip the dessert because you're drinking it. So sweet you almost lose other characteristics from the Gewurztraminer, a little sad. From a professional stand point, this taste like there could have been symphony, moscato, or white Riesling put into the blend. 
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Chateau La PAWS Red Blend

Chateau La Paws Red Blend

Price  $9-12
Vintage  N/A
Color  red ruby
Nose raspberry, red fruit, eucalyptus (herbal)
Palate  dried cherries, red berry
Personal rating  7 out of 10

Wine with a cause: Helping to support North Shore Animal League America, the world's largest no-kill, animal recuse + adoption organization. Read more HERE

Saturday, April 18, 2015

2007 Rosenblum Rockpile Zinfandel

Rosenblum Rockpile Zinfandel
Sonoma County, CA

Vintage  2007
Alcohol  15.3%
Color ruby
Nose ripe currant, jam, dark chocolate
Palate black pepper, ripe strawberries
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