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The Crazy Nut Cookie!

Ever get a cookie crave? This is the result of a cookie crave. 

Its been a while since I baked anything AND we were kind of low on butter so the obvious choice is to use something that's full of fatty goodness on its own - nut butters! I made Alton Brown's chewy peanut butter cookie a while back and LOVED IT! I'm usually not a peanut butter cookie fan, but this version is so good. Just the hint of crisp but the rest of it is this super chewy awesomeness - almost like a  soft caramel cookie with peanut butter. 

If it worked with peanut butter, why stop there?! So I tweaked it a little. I ran into this jar of mixed nut butter at Trader Joe's and basically it was made up of roasted almonds, cashews, pecans, Brazil nut, walnut, and hazelnut - that's a lot of nuts! All of which sounds pretty damn awesome to me ... and so The Crazy Nut Cookie was born.... my version isn't gluten free, sorry, I wanted my batter less runny so I added flour. Oh well. It came out freakin&#…

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