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Brown Butter Sriracha Wings!

It is July 4th weekend and with a few extra vacation days tagged on means one extra long break before heading back to work. What to do with my new found freedom, spend some of it in the kitchen of course! I'm a little lazy these days so what fits that bill, wings! Stick them in a plastic bag, toss in a marinade or some spice rub, refrigerate overnight (or a few hours), put in oven/grill and voila - a perfect appetizer to entertain (or a personal snack ahem...we don't judge, whatever, I like my wings!)  

Brown Butter Sriracha Wings
*glaze was mainly made based on taste, for best results I suggest doing the same.
about 12 chicken wings 2 tbsp butter2 tbsp brown sugar1 tbsp maple syruphealthy squeeze of Sriracha sauce (2-3 tbsp)1 tbsp Hoison saucea dash of lemon juice1 stalk of chopped green onions (optional) 1 tsp saltground black pepper1 tsp paprika2-3 tsp Chinese five spice1 tsp cuminsalt/pepper1 tbsp olive oil1 tbsp of flour Procedures:
 In a zip lock bag, toss chick…

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