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Honey Matcha Lemonade!

I know summer just ended but how can you say no to lemonade?? Super clean and simple ingredients - water, lemon juice, honey, and matcha green tea. Lemonade with the perfect balance of tart, sweetness, and a hint tannin/bitterness (from the matcha green tea), now doesn't that sound divine?? I know I'm selling it hard, but trust me, this combination of taste is genius! I'd love to take credit but again, this is another label ingredients nab from Trader Joe's. To whoever came up with this, much love :)

Now I know I'm not the only one who gets drowsy towards mid afternoon, especially after lunch... I've been saying this forever but we really should consider making adults take mandatory afternoon naps. The kids don't need it, we do! Unfortunately since that's not a thing or at least not a universal options for all of us (*yes... you tech employees out there with that perk... many many rays of envy!).  The way I look at it, this is the perfect afternoon pick…

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