Best Pumpkin Pie!


Now what's a Thanksgiving without any pumpkin pie right!? Actually I was just really in the mood to bake some pumpkin pie... and Thanksgiving is just the excuse to make some. I've made pumpkin pie in the past with a different recipe, but I have to say, the one I came up with this time around is GOLD (at least I think so)! Recipes in the past were straight out of a cookbook which I didn't bother lugging back with me to my parent's house so I thought, who needs a cookbook really?! Turns out there's like a billion recipes for pumpkin pie and none of them were quiet what I remembered it to be...So I went HERE looked at the recipe and gave it my own tweak because I felt that it lacked something (besides a recipe for the crust).

Long story short(er), here is my version of a pumpkin pie recipe complete with a crust recipe as well : CLICK!

Try it and let me know if its good or not! :)