What to do?!

The saying that goes somewhere along the lines of-- you'll never know how much or how important something is to you until you no longer have it or them...well it's true. Among many things, my computer was one of those objects in my life. When it was unwillingly harassed by a deadly virus last Saturday and rendered close to useless.... I was lost. Football kept my weekend going a bit (Go Niners!) but there's only so much weekend television one can consume before becoming just as brain dead as your dying computer.

When I was bored project #1 (last piece of inspiration I saw before the death of my computer).
Some stuff from this year's ocassion's mini.

It's funny, a little more than a decade ago, computers were these giant machines that one used to type papers or documents (if even that) and that was it. How dependent we've become on them. My beautiful Adobe programs! Pictures to upload! Creative inspirations from the world wide web! All inaccessible! The horror of it. Inspiration and color palettes from my own head? Thinking? What is that??!

When I was bored project #2 (sometime during the day).
Some retired stuff from last year's ocassion's mini.

Anyways, very proud that I didn't dish out $200 to get my computer flushed out, I fixed it myself with advice from a few people :). It was still a very mellow weekend without it anyhow, may that never happen again.

When I was bored project #3
Wanted to try out the frosted window trick I saw on splitcoaststampers (from memory...)