Wandering (eyes) - July 2014 Hatchery Box

It's been a while since I last posted about my Hatchery Box, I still get them I've just been letting them gather for a bit. Instead of back tracking, we're just going to keep moving forward. Apparently since I've joined, their prices per month has gone up from $20 to $25. I must've gotten grandfathered in because I'm still only paying $20. 

So now the new rules are $25/month OR $20/month if you sign up for a year. I'm not sure if I'd join if it was $25 a month instead of $20. Personally $20 was already pretty borderline for me because quite honestly the contents of the box is about $15 at best and I suppose if you add in the shipping it'll be about $20 (since shipping is technically 'free' but I assume its charged into that monthly fee) but for $25, I don't think there's enough contents in the box worth paying another $5. That's quite possibly the inner cheap coming out again. Now personal opinions aside, here are some of the goodies that came this month:

  • Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean (Lafaza, Oakland CA)
  • Sunflower Maca Cinnamon Honey Nut Butter (Bella Nut Butters, New Orleans LA)
  • Cherry Chipotle Dipping Sauce (Not Ketchup, Santa Monica CA)
  • Coffee'd Tart Cherry (Modern Gingham Preserves, Denver CO)
  • Smokey BBQ Seasoning (Fogg City Spice Co, San Francisco CA)
  • Growers Blend "Shorty" Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Other Brother Company, San Francisco, CA)