2013 Saldo Zinfandel

Saldo Zinfandel
bottled by The Prisoner Wine Co 

Price $20-30
Vintage  2013
Alcohol  15.9%
Clarity clear
Intensity deep
Color garnet
Nose/Palate:  dark fruits and spices on the nose. off dry , low acid, medium tannin, medium body,long finish. Ripen red fruits (strawberries/raspberries) and bit of dairy (like yogurt?)
Personal rating  7 out of 10
** photo credit :nittanyepicurean.blogspot.com 

Additional comments: I wrote "off dry" but it could be the possibility of being dry with the perception of sweetness. An enjoyable Zin, initially bought because of its label, so simple it makes you curious. Or you could say they spent less money on fancy labels and more on their wines?