2000 Sterling Vineyard Winery Lake Merlot

Sterling Vineyards Merlot
Carneros, Napa Valley, CA
Winery Lake Vineyard, single vineyard lot Merlot

Price $40-50
Vintage  2000
Alcohol  13.0%
Clarity hazy - light sediment
Intensity medium  
Color tawney
Nose/Palate:  clean, dry, low acid, med/low tannin, medium body, long finish. Dried cherries, dried blueberries, heavy toasted oak (smokey and leather), herbal, hint of chocolate, sweet spice (cloves).
Personal rating  7 or 8  out of 10

Additional comments:  Dry cherries linger in the finish. 16 years of age might be past its prime in aging, very little tannins left and while the wine is still fairly decent, it's lost some of the delicate merlot characteristics it could've had. A hint of bitterness as well.