The Good and The Curve Ball...

The Good:
My supplies from Stampin' Up has returned from limbo! I don't understand how it can be considered "delivered" if I don't get the package until the following Monday...and they were still NOT on my front door. Sitting on a cement slab by the neighbor's house, is not my front door!

The Curve Ball:
So here I am, still super excited about my new "side" project, then life decides to throw me a curve ball. Not even halfway through the week, I find out that this "side" project may potentially soon become my only form of income (if it even picks up) other than depressing is it to find out that one day, everything is fantastic and you don't have a thing to worry about to... full of crap?

Well that was a few days ago and since then, my head has started to clear. Few trips to the gym, few cups of coffee, and a whole week of unwanted OT/neglect pretty much did the trick. I can't worry about the uncontrollable. If the company decides to get rid of us, then there's nothing we can do to prevent that but since nothing is permanently decided yet (we're pretty much waiting for a death sentence) then I will just continue doing the best that I can until they make up their minds on whether to keep us or give us the big old boot.

life sucks sometimes but the important thing is to move on...
and of course being the "stressful" week that it was...I decided to bake something

banana muffins!
(more pics under yummy section)