A post to make the blog less empty

My first post! Exciting!

I was really looking forward to getting my Stampin' Up supplies in the mail so I can get this whole demonstrator thing on the road. However, the only thing that seems to be on the road ...are the supplies. Due to the wonderful and thorough job of UPS, my supplies are now floating in limbo.

1 day ago:
Me: YES! supplies are here (according to the UPS tracking info)!
so I go outside....umm where is my stuff...? By the mailboxes, nope. On my neighbor's porch, nope. In a bush (maybe), nope. By the yelping chihuahua, nope. Went to ask the neighbor if they had seen a UPS truck, nope. 15 minutes later...this is getting ridiculous.... and I'm running late for work.

...in conclusion, its gone. Now I have to wait another week for Stampin' Up to resend me my supplies. :(