Another Cake Story: Mango Mousse Cake!

After a long long break from my mini toaster oven, I decided it was time to whip out that mixer and make a mess in the kitchen!

Mango Mousse Cake!

I've always wanted to replicate a mango mousse cake that many Asian bakeries sell...
1. because they are delicious
2. because having to go buy a little piece for $3-$4 each time is just uneconomical (not to mention the gas I'd have to pay to get to a bakery)
3. because it'll be a great challenge to play with a new recipe :)
4. because I just miss baking.

The mango mousse I decided to use the same technique as for the cheesecake from a previous experiment. Only difference this time is I used fresh mangoes instead of frozen ones; taste and quality SO much better! I highly recommend using fresh mangoes if mangoes are in season. As for the cake, I used a chiffon cake recipe in my Better Homes cookbook but I also found one online during my research that contains more or less the same ingredients and directions. The results were more than what I had intended, amazing! :).