Brazilian Cheese Bread REVISTED

I think at this point I should probably give the bread a different name since I've begin to change the recipe here and there. I haven't even had REAL Brazilian cheese bread so how do I know whatever I made is even consider that or even close.... One of the things I get bothered by is people calling foods that aren't even what it is... like vegan cheddar... um it's not exactly cheddar anymore...its not even cheese nor does it, in my opinion, come close to tasting like cheese. Now don't get me wrong, there are some vegan recipes and foods I absolutely love! I'm just a bit picky on names and specifies... so I guess that's a personal issue more than anything.

Gluten-Free Cheese Bread (aka Brazilian Cheese Bread revised)

Moving on before I create a huge issue out of nothing. Point is, perhaps I should just call this a gluten-free cheese bread from now on. Love that tapioca flour! I didn't even know you can bake with it! At home, my mom only use it as a thickening agent but baking, didn't even cross my mind! It makes a very interesting bread, when it comes straight out of the oven, the insides of the bread is very starchy and chewy but after it's cooled down for a few hours, its puffy/airy and more bread-like losing much of that extra crew (still delicious either way!).

Now this weekend after having found this wonderful recipe, I decided to make some variations from the original just to see how things turn out. I wanted to try and incorporate different ingredients into the batter to enhance the cheese flavor in the bread or to compliment the wonderful cheese flavor. Therefore, my trial #1 included chives and spinach.

Original Recipe HERE

For Spinach: I followed the recipe exactly as described and after I blended the ingredients together in the blender, I added a handful of spinach into the batter and blended the batter some more until the spinach is well incorporated and the batter is a nice light green.

For chives (or green onions) this is more of an Asian twist because we like to use green onions in our dishes a lot and I just love the flavor green onions brings to anything! In Chinese bakeries we have breads that have green onions baked right into it, obviously one of my favorites, so I thought why not here. Instead of blending the green onions in with the batter, I chopped up about 2 bunches and after the batter is well mixed, I poured the batter into a bowl and stirred in the green onions instead.

Both versions turned out great! For the spinach version, you can barely taste the spinach so it's a great way to somewhat incorporate something nutritious into the recipe without compromising it. I love spinach (still in a spinach craze right now) so I actually wouldn't mind tasting more of it. Green onions version: absolutely DELICIOUS! That's all I have to say. I'd probably eat all of it if I'm not careful.