Delicious Easy Guacamole!!

4 simple ingredients, 5 quick minutes!
I made this the lazy person way because I like to avoid having to wash extra utensils at all cost...which means I turn to my favorite kitchen tool: the kitchen shears! Cuts like a knife but no cutting board to deal with!

1 avocado (cut using this method)
1 roma tomato (diced, I sliced and then used shears to cut them into diced cubes...roughly)
1 tbsp of onions (approx 2 thinly sliced pieces and then chopped into finer pieces, I used a pair of shears to cut the slices)
1 tsp salt (for taste)

Throw everything into a bowl and mix. If the avocado is perfectly ripe, everything will blend right into each other. No blender needed. This method allows you to enjoy all the individual ingredients as well as the blended concoction.

I learned this from a college roommate (who is Mexican) who told me that real guacamole is never mixed in a blender; everything is suppose to be mixed by hand and you just let the avocado work its magic naturally. Super fast and easy to make and so GOOD!