Mango Madness Cream Puffs!

Mango Madness Cream Puffs!

Cream puffs filled with mango mousse and mango jelly!! Mango galore!

Memorial Day weekend means I get 3 days off which also means its time to get down and dirty in the kitchen! 

This week's project the long time nemesis THE CREAM PUFF.... I have tried twice in the past to try and bake this sucker but each time I have managed to set off the fire alarm...literally. Okay so I had a slight misunderstanding with wax paper and parchment paper... FYI: parchment paper can withstand high heat and wax paper cannot...hence fire alarm. You learn something new everyday right? 

Third time's the charm! 
....Or so we hope, if not then may there be a forth and fifth time (which I think there will be but not for those reasons).

After a long drought from my kitchen, I'm going crazy with new recipes/old recipes to conquer. This particular concoction was a combination of several recipes I ran across online plus a little creativity of my own. The original recipes for the cream puffs and steps for making mango mousse can be found at the respective links attached to their mentions. I've composed/combined different elements of those recipes into a somewhat original recipe for my mango madness cream puffs. As you can probably tell, I LOVE my mangoes, but since not everyone shared this love with me... I also made plain ones where I just used whipped cream for the fillings as well. Either way I got good reviews when I took them to work. Personally I think my puffs have room for improvements so I will be working on this again in the future, possibly with a different filling though...I'm thinking strawberries.

So have fun and enjoy!