Tomato Bisque!

Oh Yum! Creamy, tangy, tomato bisque!

Before I get to my recipe, some exciting news, in a few days I will be starting my new job as a production chemist for a winery! Yes, I am leaving the spirits world and moving onto classier drinks now, wines. However new job also means relocation... I hate moving... I loathe it. I have to admit I have not procrastinated this much since my college days when I know I eventually needed to study but don't and just stare at the books hoping the information will just download into my brain... no luck. Well just like then, I know I'd eventually need to pack but every bone in my body wishes that my stuff can just pack themselves... THEN after the pain of packing comes the pain of MOVING. My current apartment is upstairs... *sigh* which only means one thing: what goes up must come down. Just thinking about lugging all my belongings downstairs makes me sad.

Therefore, I will now choose to ignore the situation some more. Procrastination will continue.
SO instead of packing, I choose to update my blog. In my efforts of cleaning out my fridge before I move, I came up with this wonderful recipe to make tomato bisque soup using a potato instead of flour to make the nice thick creamy luscious soup.
 It made a fantastic dinner! Throw in some bread and I think I've just got heaven in a bowl!