2007 Chalone Vineyard Syrah

Chalone Syrah
Soledad, CA
Estate Grown

Price $20-30
Vintage  2007
Alcohol  14.7%
Clarity clear - with sediments at the bottom of the bottle
Intensity deep
Color purple
Nose/Palate:  clean, dry, spice, eucalyptus/lavender, rose, black cherry, dried dark fruit, jamminess, oak, blueberry. Low acid, med/high tannin, medium finish.
Personal rating  9 out of 10
Additional comments: Very interesting and fun wine to enjoy with your meal or as a group. Initially you get a lot of dark fruit and jamminess but as it sits and opens up a little more, then you get chocolate and mocha. It's like drinking chocolate covered berries. Enjoy with a piece of dark chocolate and the jammy intensifies