2014 Côte des Roses Rosé

Côte des Roses Rosé - Gérard Bertrand
Languedoc - France 
Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah

Price $15-20
Vintage  2013
Alcohol  12.4%
Clarity clear
Intensity pale
Color salmon
Nose/Palate:  clean, light, tropical/stone fruits: peaches, melon, raspberry/strawberry more on the palate. Slightly herbal. Off dry, low acid, low tannin, light body, short finish
Personal rating  7 out of 10

Additional comments: good price point and honestly I bought it for the bottle. I'm a girl! What do you expect, its a rose engraved onto the bottom of the bottle! Slim bottle, glass topper, I'm in love with the packaging and luckily the wine is pretty good too...it's not always the case. As much as I hate to admit, first impressions matter (more importantly for products and silently wishing is wasn't so for people).