Kitchen Gear: Sistema BAKE IT Containers
Discovered these storage containers while I was visiting a friend and fell in love with them! Her sugar, flour, and other dry goods were nicely stored away. Wide opening, snap closure, and it even comes with a measuring cup (cups + ml measurements) per container! The container is slim enough that it doesn't take up too much room and there's even a hand grip on one side. 
I'm extremely picky when it comes to plastics, I don't like using them in the kitchen, stainless steel and glass all the way, but this is a nice durable plastic. You can feel the difference. Got home, thought about them, and decided I wanted some for my kitchen. Most containers for flour, sugar, and whatnots are pretty but not practical so I actually don't even have containers for them. Most of my dry ingredients just sit in the bags they come in...for the most part that's fine but sometimes bugs and moisture can be a *B so I'm looking forward to these.

I know I sound like an endorser but this is purely a review and recommendation. If you're looking for kitchen storage containers, this is a pretty good option. Sistema apparently has a HUGE line of other plastic containers but again, for food, I prefer not to use plastic.

Read more about them HERE
** not an endorsement, these are my own opinions