Travel Gear: Collapsible Water Bottles

** featured in photo:  TAP -Antibacterial Collapsible Water Bottle 16.9oz

Staying hydrated is super important no matter where you are. Unfortunately when you're traveling you don't always have that option. When you're at home, you have the convenience of taking a luscious drink whenever you please, when you're traveling unless you're carrying your own supply, you're going to be thirsty.

Carrying water bottles can be such a pain, have you noticed how bulky some reusable water bottles can get and some can have quite a bit of weight even when they're empty! You don't want any of that while you're traveling. You want something light, something durable but at the same time expendable. If you're traveling, the possibility of losing or damaging something is quite plausible as well. 

Solution: Collapsible water bottles! They're super light and fold ups when not in use. As you drink, it becomes lighter and takes up less space, something a solid water bottle cannot do. This is a huge positive especially when you're moving around a lot. I bought this with me to China and it was a lifesaver. Filled up where ever I could and shoved it back into my bag when I'm not using it, doesn't take up space at all. There are many options but I picked the TAP one because it says it can hold hot and cold water PLUS if you wanted to boil it (for cleaning purposes) you can. Caution, the bag is not lined for hot liquids so it does get hot on the outside when filled with hot water so I just held it by the corner while filling it. Aside from that little detail, it was great!
They are also great for day hikes! When you're tired even lugging empty water bottles around seem like a huge task, with these bags, life is a little easier :)