Another Cake Story: Coconut Chocolate Cupcakes!

Last weekend was a blast! Went to visit my friends and we baked some delicious cupcakes, Picnic Day in Davis, Dexter mini marathon (Netflix!), and the History Museum in Old Sac + lunch @ Fanny Ann's Saloon.

Since this is a blog for my creative thoughts, I will not continue to bored you with the weekend festivities, so with that said, here are my delicious cupcakes:

Coconut w/Chocolate Frosting Cupcakes

Oh and this is what the cupcakes looked like coming out of the oven:I don't know about anyone else..BUT I

1. have never (ever) had such proportional looking cupcakes
2. am amazed it wasn't burnt to a crisp let alone look this perfect (I was so enveloped in watching Dexter, I forgot to keep track of time...)