In the Spirt of upcoming Earth Day

Trying to squeeze some creativeness into the week before I leave for the weekend.


Those 4 dozen of yummy cookies I needed to bake took longer than I had intended...of course if I had a regular oven, those would've been done in an hour (maybe 2) but having made everything in a toaster oven (yes, you read correct, toaster oven) we can take that time and triple it.


getting to the point of this post:
cookies baked but how to transport them to their owners...

1. don't want to spend money on packaging
2. don't want to just toss them into a regular zip lock (lame! Not to mention that looks awful, especially if giving it to other people)

my solution:

"Paper bag with some stamped image (Stampin' Up Volia stamp set, retired. Chocolate Chip ink) and scallop punched" (which I guess isn't a bad idea if I had paper lunch bags)?
but Nope!

If you've ever ordered anything from Stampin' Up you know there's a load of filler papers stuffed into the box....WELL it feels so wasteful to throw it all I put it aside thinking one day I can probably do something with it. ONE DAY has arrived! I put the cookies into a regular sandwich bag and then wrapped the filler papers around the outside of the plastic bag (after stamping it to give it a little more depth and BAM, we went from lame sandwich bag to something presentable. I guess I could've added ribbons instead of stapling...but I ran out of time. :)

Lesson: there's plenty of materials around us, just give it a little thought and we can turn useless things into amazing projects! Next time something is about to get tossed out, think about it, can it be reused in another form? This isn't to say you should be a pack rat and save everything but before tossing, think reduce, reuse, and recycle!