Parmesan Crescent Rolls!

We're finally getting some rain out in California! As much as I love our warmer than normal so call winter, we are in desperate need of some rain. While I was in New Zealand, it rained so much I couldn't wait to come back to drier weather but when I got back and everything is all dry and dead looking, it was quite depressing.

Even though we're not close to even being replenished, its a start. Its amazing what a few wet days have already done. The air is less dry, the ground is starting to peak some green rather than dead brown, its a nice scenic change. Keep those rainy days coming! We seriously need to see rain from now until April...the constant kind...

The grapes this year will be quite interesting to see, the last time California had drought issues, I was too young to remember... 2014 will be interesting.

As long as I'm inside when it rains, I love it. The soft sound of rain droplets hitting against the windows and the roof is so soothing. That is pretty much how I spent my weekend, indoors. Granted we didn't get much rain on Sunday but it was cloudy enough that the rain lazy in me came out and inspired this lovely treat: parmesan crescent rolls! They make for a decent snack or finger food when you feel like munching on something with a little more content than a cracker. The parmesan cheese helps give it an extra punch.

  • 1 tube of ready to roll crescent rolls (I used the Trader Joe's one, they're smaller)
  • finely grated parmesan cheese
  1. Unroll crescent roll dough from the package, sprinkle parmesan cheese on the inside and roll. Then sprinkle a tad more on the top of the rolls
  2. Bake according to instructions on package!

For more fun, I also made a batching with salami and provolone cheese in the middle. I was shooting for a mini pizza crescent roll but substituted with salami and provolone because that was all that was available at the time... like I said inner lazy had taken over. I'm surprised I made anything at all...