Wanderings - Tolman Peak and Maneki Sushi, Union City, CA

It is officially here, my 4/10 schedule has returned! This means I work four 10 hr days and take 3 days off, I personally love this type of scheduling...especially since sometimes I'd end up working 10 hrs anyways. 

Last year I spent most of my extra day off bumming around the house and baking things here and there but this year, I've decided I want to explore more. In seeing the other side of the world I realized I haven't really seen much of my own world. I guess that's how it always is though...we all tend to take things that are convenient for us for granted. While I was stuck in the airport back in December, I befriended another passenger who was flying back home from his trip to California. In talking to him I realized all of the places he's come to visit I haven't even been to! How embarrassing, people fly across the world to visit these places and some of those places are just a drive away for me and I haven't even been there. Well no more!

This has inspired me to start a new section for this blog, random wanderings! Since I plan to explore around a bit more in the coming year, this will be the perfect place to help track them and why not share it with the world in the process. Not to mention I have a slight addition to taking pictures of pretty colorful things, this will also be a nice place to share some of those findings as well. 

So what will these posts entail? Good question. It is exactly as it sounds, random places to eat or visit, interesting foods that catches my eye, iconic places to explore, basically random things of the outside world that I've encountered that is noteworthy.

With that let's start:
Tolman Peak @ Garin/Dry Creek Regional Parks, Union City, CA
If love hiking, this is a great scroll. If you want to start hiking, this is a great start. If you love the great outdoors, its perfect. This trail is mostly flat and there's only about 5-10 minutes of incline up to the top of the peak. Once you reach the top, you get a great view of the city and some of the rolling hills from the other trails in the park. That's the other great thing about this place, the tolman trail is just one of few in the area, its worth coming back a few more times to explore the other ones as well. Its definitely a nice trail for beginners. Its about 7 miles and 1-3 hrs hike depending on your fitness level. My friend and I leisurely hiked it in 2 hours. (its also great motivation if you want a big lunch later ;)) The only thing I'd look out for are the free ranging cows, they're pretty harmless as long as you mind your business though.
When we got the top there was a couple on the bench with their 2 dogs having a mini lunch and enjoying the early afternoon sun/view, it was cute. One of the dogs was happily digging himself a hole nearby, he was so into his hole he had no idea we were behind him snapping pictures, pure blissfulness, the best kind.

Maneki Sushi, Union City, CA
Can't ever say no when it comes to sushi and I'm one of those people that love the raw stuff! I know not everyone is keen to that part of sushi but that's whats so great about going to places like this, there's stuff for everyone...even the non fish lovers. I, of course, came for the sushi rolls but for those non sushi eaters out there this places has a variety of bento boxes and noodles. I'm going to be honest here I flipped straight to the part of the menu where the rolls began so I didn't pay to much attention to the other stuff that were available...

Definitely not short of options here, I wished I had a second stomach for the amount of different rolls to choose from! After about 10 minutes of going back and forth trying to decide what I want, I finally settled on 2: Lady Gaga and Pump it Up, both spicy of course because what is life without a little spice right!? My friend picked the BMW (a non spicy roll... I guess not everyone is a spice fan).
Overall, it was a good experience. The food was good and the service was pretty quick. The atmosphere is quiet and tables were spaced out enough so that people can get around you without you being squished onto your own table (we all know places like that exists!)