Kitchen Gear: Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker

Good old garlic press but with a twist, a garlic rocker! I've always wanted something like a garlic press, the inner lazy just can't help it. Anything for less effort. One of the reasons I've held off on getting a garlic press is because the cleaning part. Anything that makes more cleaning is actually more work in the long run therefore conflicts with my criteria
Garlic rocker to the recuse! Like a nosy coworker, when a colleague of mine received a package, "Oo presents!, what did you get???" Of course she was nice enough to share, it was the garlic rocker. I was impressed, a single solid piece of stainless steel meant to crush garlic. Simple and looks easy to clean, so I got one for myself. LOVE it! Sometimes the garlic pieces gets stuck in the holes but a few pokes with a fork gets those pieces right out. Its stainless steel so as you're cleaning it and if you give it a few rubs along the handle, rids of your hands of that garlicky aroma, 2 for 1! A heed of caution, the plastic version has a major design flaw... why would you make the 2 points where the most pressure will be applied to out of plastic??? Instant break anyone? Just saying, even if they make it in your favorite color, chances of those sides breaking are pretty high, I'd advise against buying the plastic ones. 

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** not an endorsement, opinions are of my own