Garlic, Garlic, and more Garlic! Garlic Festival 2012!

Where there’s food, I am there! I admit it, I’m a food addict. What can I say, food is just so goooood! I wish I had a bottomless pit for a stomach sometimes then on days when I feel lazy I wouldn’t have to force myself to go to the gym… anyways enough about that, gym is for future me to worry about later.

Today’s glorious finds @ The Garlic Festival 2012:

I’ve been to the festival 2 years ago but the genius in me decided to eat before going so I wasn’t able to eat much of anything at the festival. This time, I made sure I ate my way through! Garlic sweet potato fries, chicken veggie wrap, gator tail, berry garlic chipotle wings, and to top it all off: garlic pistachio ice cream served in a cantaloupe bowl! Gym is definitely going to happen tomorrow after all this food. When my lungs are collapsing and legs feel like falling off, I’ll make sure to remember this list, in the meantime, yum!

Now how can I go to the festival and talk all this without making some kind of garlic contribution of my own!? Garlic Cheese Knots!

… Actually it was just coincidence I made this the same weekend I was going to the festival…

While daydreaming at work, my mind wondered off and suddenly: Garlic Cheese Knots were formulated! 

They turned out so good, but now the wheels are turning again and I think I can make them even better. Next kitchen venture! 

Trying something new: Garlic Cheese Knots Recipe Video! (Printable version here)