Wine Tasting, Exploring, and Squash Blossoms!

I wish I knew yesterday's trip was going to be such an adventure so I could've bought my camera but instead I got stuck with the sad camera on my phone...

Listen to me complain when just 5 years ago this camera phone was probably better than most regular cameras out there. As my friend's husband would've comically put it "first world problems" Ha.

Finally a full weekend to myself without driving back and forth between my apt and my parents'. What better way than to spend it exploring and wine tasting?! Actually all credits will have to go to my friend, she did the research and all I did was tag along.

The Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg CA. A wonderful place with 8 wineries in one location and the scenery is great! Since we got there kind of late, we only tasted wines from 2 out of the 8 and along the way made some interesting discoveries!

Etched Carignane Wine bottles of my Alma mater, UC Davis! I knew that had to be on my shelf.

And the most exciting discovery of all: Squash Blossoms or Flor de Calabaza
My friend was so excited when she saw them it got me all excited. She started raving about the different types of dishes she'd had with these flowers while she was in Mexico and how she's tried looking for them here but has never seen them. So naturally given this rare opportunity we both had to buy some and make something extraordinary with it. We decided a creamy soup and cheesy quesadillas were best fit for the occasion. 

While I was preparing/cleaning the blossoms, a little lady bug came out. A sign of good fortune and love? Hmmm ...

quesadilla filling and soup cooking 

Overall a great mid summer find! The soup and quesadilla came out absolutely delicious! I want to make them again! Unfortunately now that I've had a taste of these squash blossoms, I will be on a hunt for them in the future. For the time being, the remake of this soup will have to live on without that special ingredient. Until next time we meet squash blossom, until next time.

Soup and quesadilla recipe can be found @ Five Ways to Eat Squash Blossoms