Strawberry Cheesecake and more for July 4th!

The most random day to have off, Wednesday, for July 4th... what can we do with one day and especially me who has work the next day at 5am. Still, can't complain TOO much, a day off is a day off.

So what to do with my very privileged day off? Originally I wanted to go to SF but then reality hit and I realized there were several things wrong with that idea:
  1. Major traffic will likely to occur on the way and back
  2. Major cowards which means I probably won't be able to enjoy the environment as much
  3. 5am start the next day
...with that plan, by the time I get there, I'd probably have to start to make my way back.

As a result, I decided it was best I just stay put. Sleeping in until 6am didn't sound like a bad idea. Yes, 6am is sleeping in; that's already 2 more hours than I'd normally get! Needless to say it was a pretty good day. I got a visit from a friend who attempted (many times) to try and help me with my baking but unfortunately just as many times rejected out of the kitchen since I was host and he was not. Guest should not have to work. Sorry I'm a kitchen Nazi. 

Anyone that pays a visit to me is most definitely going to play guinea pig for the day. First, upon arrive, I decided I'd welcome him with a cold cup of Coconut Jasmine Ice Tea (something very similar to a Thai Iced Tea but since it looks different, I thought I'd give it a different name)

It's a little light in color but it definitely does not lack in flavor! For recipe: Coconut Jasmine Ice Tea

Then we ventured off to see The Amazing Spiderman. After having a slight discussion with a coworker today, I understood the movie a little more, but it was still, unfortunately, not that "amazing."

After a delicious lunch meal at an Indian restaurant nearby, we returned, and I went back to work on my cheesecake project of the day: Strawberry Cheesecake.

For the most part everything is the same as my normal cheesecake recipe with the added part of the strawberry puree (recipe). After the batter has been prepared, take about 1/4 of the batter and mix it some of the strawberry puree. Note: there may be more puree than needed, mix cautiously, judge with color and taste. Save some of the puree for a swirling effect on the top of the cheesecakes.

Now once the 1/4 of the batter is well mixed, you can either combine it with rest of the batter or what I did was make a duo color cheesecake by putting the regular batter on the bottom and the strawberry batter on top and then swirl. Either way, I think it'd be good, so enjoy!