Japanese Cheesecake with Strawberry Glaze...maybe

Yum right? Well the yum part is correct, now whether or not it should be completely considered a Japanese cheesecake is another story...

This started out being a challenge I picked up from Pinterest thinking that since I've seem to have gotten a hang of making regular cheesecake, I should branch out. Some of my friends often rave about how delicious Japanese cheesecake is, I thought it might be a great idea to try and make one of my own. 

At this point, it probably would've been smart to at least try and taste an actual Japanese cheesecake before making one so I'd know what it should taste like... no, unfortunately, common sense was not strong on this one, instead I went in blind. As luck usually has it, I got some good and some bad. Good: the product came out tasting pretty decent; Bad: I don't know if this is what is suppose to taste like and it never browned on the top like it was suppose to...nor did it look "cake-like" like it was suppose to...if anything it was almost like a fluffy version of a regular cheesecake...

All in all, I'd say it was semi successful but definitely a recipe I'm going to revisit again on another day. Recipes can be found here: Green Cilantro or The Cookbook Chronicles. Please visit recipe index for strawberry glaze/puree.


  1. Humidity affects the choice of icing, glaze or frosting. Whipped cream does not hold up well in hot weather it goes rancid very quickly.

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