Adventures in San Francisco

Such a beautiful and fun city but such a pain to drive in hence I rarely make an appearance however, I love it when I do. Clearly from that previous note, I am very much a suburban kind of driver and hate anything to do with city traffic...luckily I don't have to deal with that too often. Random tangent aside, San Francisco!

Before I go further in with this post, unlike most 20 year old folks, when I say "San Francisco!", I mean "Yay yummy food and gorgeous places for me to take pictures" not: "yay party time!" I am indeed a boring 80 yr old woman inside.

Now back to business, the itinerary was intense but was successful. I managed to grab some yummy food, take some great pictures, and most importantly had a wonderful day in the bay. Started the day with a visit to one of the many museums inside Golden Gate Park, deYoung Museum, which included art exhibits of ancient cultural pieces to contemporary. Personally I prefer art/craft pieces that have cultural and historical meaning, not a big fan of contemporary art. I'm sorry I just can't quite appreciate a blank canvas as much as a ceremonial mask of an ancient civilization. Its like eating the peel of an orange verses orange marmalade... not quite the same. Each having their distinctive characteristics but that's when preference really plays a role.

Moving right along, the day continued to Fisherman's Wharf. What a site! Thank you weather for holding up, absolutely stunning. Great sight, great food, and a great way to end the day.

and here's a couple more pictures for eye candy:

Ghirardelli chocolate factory? You betcha I stopped by! There's a chocolate festival that takes place here around September every year, going to keep penciling that into the planner until one day when I can finally make it!

Just another quiet day at the pier.