Another Cake Story: Marshmallow Fondant & Delicious Cupcakes!

Yay to a very successful trial run of making marshmallow fondant!!
Of course none of this would've been possible if my wonderful friend (whom I went to visit in Santa Monica this weekend) wasn't already making some delicious cupcakes for a baby shower and graciously invited me to join the baking party.

A little bit of sugar, a little bit of flour + marshmallows! = some delicious products and awesome bonding time! She baked the cake and I made the fondant, what we like to call "Cake Success"!

Check it out! (more pics @ cami's blog)

marshmallow fondant
(it didn't look like a pile of goo!)

to go on some yummy lemon and too much chocolate cupcakes!

the perfect partnership! :)


  1. hooray! it was so fun! here is my post about our wonderful baking day!

  2. awesome! I'm going to put the link in my entry :)


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