Cake Truffles, Cake Pops, and all sorts of goodies!

Crazy madness of last night!

Cake pops, cake truffles, and some other things my coworker ordered after I showed her some of my proud moments from this blog (because I'm such a blog whore!). I take opinions of all sorts, positive or negative. Positive ones obviously makes us feel great and negative ones are the ones that make us grow even though I rather not have those as much, regardless can't go wrong with either one. Clearly this time it was positive and I was more than happy to take the order.

Usually I'm pretty picky with my projects and there's always something I want to change or could've done better, however, this time around, I'd have to say I was pretty pleased with the outcome (she as well).

Nutella Cake truffles! I finally found the perfect (not to mention better) name to these buggers. I used to refer to them as cake balls... just didn't have the right ring to it. Now, cake truffles, who wouldn't want some of that!? I'm certainly starting to be quite comfortable making these. They're much easier to handle once you've gotten the hang of things ( troubleshooting entry).

Yes, yesterday was a creative overload day, I also made a thank you card and a graduation lei using some stampin' up stuff (long neglected supplies) and candies picked up from Costco...