Turkey, Ham, & Cheese Hot Pockets!

They taste way better than it sounds or looks for that matter. I was surprised because I pretty much threw these together last minute with no planning...okay that's kind of normal with the no planning part but they turned out well so it makes me happy!

I had no intention on making anything for the next few days...except last week (p.s. these were made last Friday) when I came into work, my coworker surprised me with an awesome gift!
A multi-grater!! I, of course, was complaining about how I'm lacking in kitchen supplies (yah right!) and wished I had a zester so I don't have to be super ghetto and attempt to zest with a steak knife...I'm surprised I still have all my fingers too...and the next day, she handed me this awesome present. Not only do I have a zester now, I get an egg separator, cheese grater, and juicer! No more squeezing lemons until I can no longer feel my fingers!

As a gesture of my gratitude, I promised to make/bring breakfast for us both for our shift the next day (yes Saturday overtime...). As a result I decided to make a small trip to Trader Joe's again to pick up some supplies.

She took such interest in the chicken bake I made last time, I decided I'll just make something similar to that again. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pre-made raw pizza dough! So easy to work with and super fast bake time. I didn't have anymore chicken, so I had to change it up a bit. Somehow deli turkey and ham meat spoke to me the most for a breakfast option. Add a little bit of cheese and chili flakes and it gives it the perfect kick!

Turkey, Ham, & Cheese Hot Pockets recipe