Raspberry Lemon Oats Bar!

Newest (technically not really) creation from my personal kitchen to yours (hopefully), Raspberry Lemon Oats Bars! I made these last week but I was so busy with everything else, my posting is falling behind my creations.

These are actually a twist from my Creamy Lemon Oats Bars I made about a month ago. Those were such a hit with my coworkers, I thought I'd play around with the idea some more and maybe introduce different versions of the "same" thing. Since I had some raspberries sitting around in the fridge that (desperately) needed to be used, I thought "hey raspberries would go well with lemons! After all, there's raspberry lemonade, so why not a raspberry lemon bar??"

After dawning on that wonderful idea, I squeezed some fresh lemon juice, threw it in the blender with my raspberries, toss some other things together, voila (give or take)!

Raspberry Lemon Oats Bar Recipe