Spicy Thai (Panang) Curry Noodles!

There is nothing I LOVE more than Thai food (well okay that's probably not all true but it's definitely up there in the "things I love" department), especially the Thai panang curry! In my desperate attempts to try and reproduce the same flavors I can only get at Thai restaurants, I have many times come up short. They were all good, just not the good I was quite looking for...

Recently in one of the many food conversations I had with a coworker, the subject of Thai curry came up and she said that she gets her curry paste from her neighbors who, of course, are authentic Thai that make their own curries. Once I heard that, I knew I had to get my hands on some... beg, plead, anything! Luckily my coworker is awesome and none of that had to take place before she got some from me. I was one happy camper.

So finally, even though she had given me that curry paste for a couple of weeks now, after another sudden Thai food discussion at work today, I decided I'm going to try the paste out (mainly because now I'm craving Thai food).

I didn't have all the traditional ingredients I normally see in my curry but I was close enough so....

add a little bit of green onions
 a little bit of bell peppers
a protein source (ground turkey or beef but I'm saving the beef for another dish...so ground turkey it was!) usually chicken breast of beef
and of course, can't forget the noodles!
plus a few more things here and there and a heavenly dish is created!

Once I put in the curry/coconut milk sauce and the aroma reached my nose, I knew this was it! This was the flavor I've been hunting down for so long! I've finally found it! Apparently its all in the curry paste. Only problem now is: if I only knew how to make the curry paste. This probably is not something I can do for a while unless I get super lucky and the people making the curry paste is willing to share their secret. Regardless, even without this (perfect!!) particular curry paste, this dish will still be enjoyable with any type of curry paste. Most of the ingredients used here can be found in any local Asian supermarket or a specialty supermarket like Nuggets or Whole Foods that offers more varieties in their Eastern culture food items.