Tri-Tip with Bell Peppers and Potatoes

Sometimes the most simple recipes are the ones closest to the heart. This use to be one of my favorites when I was in college (the later years). No, I wasn't a master chef or anything and as a matter of fact I wasn't even interested in cooking until the last couple of years of college. Believe me, I have had my fair share of cup noodles, hot pockets, and frozen meals. I guess having almost complete control of the kitchen helps a lot (no more drama) and guy roommates who will eat almost anything I make, it was a win win.

I remember getting a request for tri-tip one day but seeing how I didn't just want plain meat for dinner, I decided to jazz it up with some bell peppers and potatoes. The whole thing just came together as I was experimenting/ cooking with the ideas and theories in my head, fortunately everything worked out and my roommate loved it and I made it several more times afterwards. It's actually been a while since I remade this. Just recently I started craving it, no particular reason, and I mentioned it to my coworker who instantly became intrigued and wanted the recipe. Well I didn't have anything written, most of it was from the motion of making the dish and not particularly following a set of instructions but I told her I'd make it again and pay more attention to what I was doing so I can write down something for her.

In conclusion, here is the Tri-Tip with Bell Peppers and Potatoes recipe

p.s. the meat I used came marinated from Costco which helps add extra flavors to the bell peppers and potatoes when you cook them together.